According to WHO statistics, 80% of diseases and 30% of deaths are caused by unclean water. More than 20 kinds of illness may be caused by drinking unfiltered water.
Though every country has water standards in place, water can still become polluted passing through old pipes or unclean water tanks.
Many countries add bleaching agents to water causing chlorine and other harsh substances to build up in drinking supplies.

Global Water X-Green series ceramic water filters provide you with the highest quality water. Incorporating the latest in filtering technology. The X-Green series filters are ideal for all your purified water needs.


X-GREEN Ceramic Drinking Water Filter Function:
1) 0.9 micron ceramic water filter: Filter out dust, rust, bacteria, cholera, coliform, and other bad substances above 0.9 micron.
2)Activated carbon filter: Reduces cholrine, bleach, odor, pesticides, (THM) and other chemical substance in water.
3)KDF: Removes heavy metals like lead, mercury, arsenic, chromium, etc and also inhibits the growth of bacteria.
4)Cation Resin: softens water and reduces limescale

CTO: Compressed Activated Carbon
KAS: KDF+Activated Carbon+Silver
GAC: Granular Activated Carbon
SGAC: Silver Granular Activated Carbon
RESIN: Cation Resin

3 Exterior discoloration of the ceramic material is your assurance that the water filter is trapping tiny particles like dust, rust, sediment, heavy metal, bacteria and chemical contaminants. When discoloration occers simply take the ceramic cartridge out and scrub the surface with a nylon pad. X-Green ceramic cartridge may be used repeatly. With a life time of up to one year.
Choosing a X-Green Ceramic filter is an affordable, reusable and ecological choice.
Cleaning: Scrub cartridge up and down until cartridge become clean again. Its suggested that you clean cartridge after 15 to 30 days.
Attention: Do NOT use any detergent, chemicals or apply an oily pad while cleaning the cartridge.
*Replacing ceramic filters - with average use your ceramic water filter should perform for 6 to 12 months. Depending on your water's level of total dissolved solids (TDS)
*Replacing activated carbon – It is suggested that you replace the active carbon filter every 3 to 6 months depending on usage.
*Please contact us with any questions or feedback about X-Green products.